Moonrise Hope : Tactics RPG

An RPG featuring tactical grid based combat designed to reward proactive, creative play as well as to complement the story. My duties include : art, mechanics design, level design, balancing, coding.


  • Lead Designer

  • Strategy RPG

  • 3.5 Years in Development

  • Demo w/ 2k+ downloads


Kangaroo Court

Asymmetric courtroom drama card game about bending the law. Both players have unique win conditions and abilities and can change the game rules mid-play. I was lead designer and developer, and helped with art.

  • Designer, Developer

  • Asymmetric Card Game

  • 3rd in TAGD S2020 Jam



Puzzle battler where players chain together patterns of bullets to attack. Encourages quick tactical thinking and rewards successful execution with an explosive combo, complete with "juicy" VFX and SFX to support game feel.

  • Designer

  • Puzzle Battler

  • 3rd in TAGD F2019 Jam


Lost in Time

Game which combines the stealth mechanics with time pressure in order to feed into the anxiety of the genre. Heavy focus on creating a tense and fear-inducing atmosphere.


  • Solo Project

  • Horror

  • 4th in Scream Jam 2019

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